Early Life

Mario Jurik has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 8. He was reselling everything he could get his hands on the streets or at school. Buyers were friends of the family for the most part but Mario have still learned a lot about sales and value of money very early in life.

For Mario, school was a torture because he couldn't learn stuff that truly matters in this life and was forced listening to a lot of crap that don't matter at all. He had to listen to people that didn't achieve things he wanted to and learn in a way that was not optimal for him as an individual.

Fortunately in his early 20s he found mentors who helped him get back on entrepreneurial track where he was destined to be. Mario broke free from the system that was holding him back for far too long...


Mario has graduated from Pharmaceutical University and he was supposed to be a huge success like society kept telling him. During the school he found out that working in a pharmacy was not for him. And so after graduating he got a corporate job but within 3 weeks he quickly realized it wasn't for him either.

Mario felt trapped and frustrated that society had tricked him into its delusion of success and so he quit despite having well-paid "prestigious" job. He burned the bridges despite having no other income or potential prospects for his consulting business he wanted to start. All he had was knowledge, skills and burning desire to make it work.

Consulting Business

Within a single month thanks to his first mentor Mario has closed his very first client - chain of over 530 pharmacies. Getting the first client has changed everything forever because it made him realise that he can do anything.

Then Mario have closed Pharmaceutical distribution company that does over 9 figures in sales. Then he started closing international clients with his high ticket offers.

Consulting Business has given back to Mario what once seemed to be lost in our flawed school system. Mario got his freedom, ability to travel anytime and anywhere he wants and do things that actually matters. 

Mario is now helping others to do the same because If he was able to do it than anyone with the right knowledge, skills and burning desire can do it too.

Mario is on mission to FREE as many people as possible from 9-5 grind...